The ways of learning English

The ways of learning English

English is an inter national language. It is spoken and understood all over the world as a main language. It is taught as a compulsory subject in many countries including Nepal. In our country from grade 1(one) up to bachelor level. We, the second language learning as an obstacle or an unnecessary burden due to various factors. Mainly the SLC students and the collage level students think that English is a barrier for their success. They realize their past weakness negligence and eager to improve their learning capacity in English in short period of time. It is quite impossible for them to achieve remarkable progress as they hope. It is because of the lack of enough practice in the language skills namely listening speaking, reading and writing. These come in systematic order. the main purpose of this article is to draw the attention of the learners of English studying in the school level and slow them the self learning ways of learning English in a better way.


1. Listening Skill:

IT is known as the first stage of each language learning. In absence of it, no one can learn any language effectively. We, the second language learners hardly get chance to be practice on listening.

# Tips for improving this skill:-

i. Listen to your English teacher patiently while he is teaching.

ii. Listen to the people speaking English.

iii. Be a daily listener of B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation) V.O.A. (Voice of America) and different F.M. stations which broadcast English Programmers.

2. Speaking Skill:-

This skill comes after listening skill. This skill gradually improves if the learner copy 9imitate) how other people speak using different forms of words. This skill plays a vital role in delivering our thoughts, ideas, views, responses etc. It helps us to show our identity in the public.

# Tips for improving this skill:-

i. Try to speak English at least in your English period.

ii. Don’t hesitate while describing speaking about something.

iii. Be friendly with your English teacher and tell him what you have learnt by listening to the radio programmer.


3. Reading skill.

This skill is called receptive skill. We acquire something either by listening or by reading. It is a powerful means of comprehension. One can do dramatic change by reading different kinds of reading materials. This skill helps us to enjoy the varieties of texts.

# Tips for improving this skill:-

i. Read the text (book) after your teacher, with correct pronunciation.

ii. Read the extra materials such as Scholar, Wisdom monthly. The Rising Nepal, The Kathmandu Post, English Daily newspapers.

iii. Read short stories, essays, dramas, novels etc.

iv. Read the text books that you have to read next year in necessary, the old ones too.


4. Writing skill.

This skill is known as productive skill. It is also a powerful means of expression. It helps us to impress others dramatically, this skill grow up if we follow the following tips.

# Tips for improving Writing skill:-

i. Write simple short sentences according to the tense formulas.

ii. Write down the essays, short stories, novels, units, reports, news etc. You like most given in different books.

iii. Write short paragraphs about your likes/ dislikes, the familiar things in simple sentences.

iv. Start to write/ make complete sentences on the basis of given outlines.

v. Always show your teacher the written text, get feedback.

Due to the lack of enough, adequate, proper practice in English, we, Nepal learners of English, think that English is really challenging subject. But it is not true. If we just give emphasis on writing skill, no doubt, we hardly can write some sentence. So, we should from positive thinking give equal time in each skill and build up confidence within us and be committed in improving English by winning our hearts first. In the context of Nepal. These above mentioned language skills are tasted in the SLC exam. They carry 10,15,40,35 marks respectively.

I heartily of frankly advise all interested English learning to follow the above mentioned tips honestly and sincerely to learn English. To learn English is the demand of today. If we learn it, we can use it in many fields and pass happy and prosperous life. I hope the SLC and collage students will find article it as a remedy (a solution) (a capsule note) for avoiding their English phobia through active participation in English classes.


The ways of learning English

Mr. Chitra Bahadur Gurung

Sec. Level English Teacher

Shree Sahid Smriti Hi.s.s, Bunkot

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस

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